A Dangerous Job

November 10, 2015

Fall is beautiful.  Even with most of the leaves on the ground, the sky is stunning.  Crisp and clear the days are letting us know that winter is on the way and I love it.fall skyFall is in full swing and so is school.  I had my best Trick or Treating candy haul in a long time, as I reminded my kids  not to forget that My Librarian likes Almond Joy and Miss Ellen likes Tootsie Rolls.  The candy did come rolling in!  Mostly from the older girls with one surprising exception.  A boy who is known for trouble, making trouble, getting into trouble and generally causing problems also contributed to our growing waistlines.  That Boy lit up like a light bulb when I walked into his room, reached into his desk pulled out a small gift bag of candy for us along with a poem he had written.

It was a tiny thing that had made the difference.  I’d let That Boy check out one of the new books we were holding on the shelf.  I remember saying to him,

“Yes, you can check it out.  I need you to bring it back in one week, so someone else can check it out.  I know you will because you are a good guy.”

…and he did…and he is…I can see it now…

It makes me realize that I have a very, very dangerous job…and I worry about the kids I interact with daily…the quiet ones, the ‘good’ ones, the annoying ones, the ones that seem like thugs, the funny ones, the smart ones, the ones that are easy to like and the ones that are not…and what if I miss an opportunity to offer them grace, because some days some of them get consequences.

I arm myself daily with this prayer…

“Lord, please help me to be a blessing to those who especially need it today….and help me not to do harm.”

When it goes well, it is because others have first loved me…and I am blessed.

‘To God Be The Glory’….

When it does not go well, I am given a new day…and grace for myself.


4 responses to “A Dangerous Job”

  1. Diane says:

    I am making a copy of that prayer for my desk at school. When students return for a visit after many years, I always ask, “What do you remember about being in my class?” Mostly the memories are wonderful, little tidbits of crafts made, field trips, holiday fun, and favorite read-alouds. I see God’s grace when it was a mistake I made and an apology given and a child who remembers I was not perfect but made them feel significant when I took the time to admit my error. Help me to do no harm!

  2. Miriam says:

    Well, here I was ready to hear about another travail with Jubal or the electric saw or any number of other dangerous items that seem to proliferate like weeds on your farm. After reading your piece, I see what you mean. You have a lot of power in your job and “with much power comes much responsibility” (quoting Spiderman). What a wonderful difference you made in That Boy’s day by believing in his goodness, no matter how covered up it seems to be.

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