A break from the mess

May 10, 2012

The mess goes on… one step forward, two back… The floors are being tackled and the expected mess is, well, messy.  The dinning room floor which gave us such problems pulling nails, linoleum and carpet from is found to be too thin to sand to perfection.  It must be covered with new wood.  Can you say, ugh!

We will love the final results.  We love Ellensburg.  The country is gorgeous, the people are nice and there is a wonderful balance here.  We did want to move to the country, but we did not want to move to where people thought the National Inquirer was breaking news!  One of the wonderful compliments to this town is that it is the home of Central Washington University.  Originally begun 1891 as a school to train teachers.

To take a break from the work and the mess, we took off and went to the Chimposium at CWU.  Home to Washoe, a chimpanzee, one of the first non-humans to acquire sign language.  The Chimposium was amazing and we learned so much.  We were all gratified to see that the animals needs came first here.  We were entering their home and were instructed in how to be respectful.  The Chimposium fees go completely to supporting the chimp family.  We were very impressed that they willingly accept volunteers to help, that students can take classes and participate as well at all times putting the needs of the animals first.

I know I will be encouraging our visitors that come to Glory farm to go and experience the lecture and Chimposium.  The experience was more than I expected and I doubt I can do it justice here, but I am so grateful we went.

For more information http://www.cwu.edu/~cwuchci/index.html

  • Leslie Wizan

    Can’t wait, Ellen!! Going to the Chimposium is a MUST for our reunion in 2013/14. I’m so enjoying your blog! All your posts are wonderful!! Xoxoxo

  • Christa P

    I spent some time studying the Washoe results and would be honored to meet the Washoe and family someday! That is a very cool Ellensburg fact. Cant wait to see photos of those floors!!!

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