6 Painting Tips

August 4, 2017

I do not really like to paint.  I do, however, like the results painting brings.  I hadn’t planned to paint this summer, but as we know here….plans are often over rated.  I have painted enough this summer to pass on 6 really crucial tips that will make any painting job you tackle better than ever!

  1.  Paint Value  Buy good quality (possibly pricey) paint.  High quality paint makes the job easier and looks better, which is the whole point.  Sherwin Williams and I are pretty much best buds.  I would love it, if they were paying me big sums of money (or even small sums of money) to say that, but they do not really know this blog exists.  Sherwin keeps track of everything I buy, so I can get the same color again when I need it, because if you think that I might keep track, you’d be wrong most of the time.  My Loving Spouse and I had one of our biggest discussions/arguments about the cost of buying paint for the barns for me to paint them this summer.  Decent paint for me to do the painting is not a frivolous expenditure.  Someone/My Loving Spouse was acting (only for a little while) like I was buying myself diamonds or cows or something!
  2. Appropriate tools  Summer time, farm, wasp spray…enough said.
  3. Crisp lines.  Good painting outcomes are always the goal, especially when you don’t really even like to paint.  Getting crisp lines in an old house was always problematic.  My Loving Spouse heard of a new way to get sharp edges and let me tell you they worked!  I zipped to Sherwin’s for some Alabaster White for ceilings, (after all Johanna Gaines loves it), so I figured I could not go wrong.  The room had already been painted green, but we needed to clean up the trim and the ceilings.  My Loving Spouse applied painter’s tape, a bead of caulk, ran his finger down the caulk, painted over the tape and caulk, then pulled the tape off to crisp lines.  We were practically giddy with excitement!
  4. Cleaning paint brushes.   Not everyone will agree with this tip, but let me tell you, it has made my painting life sooooo much easier.  Since I am the one who does most of the painting, making it easier on me is important.  I state this up front, because My Loving Spouse does not actually agree with my use of this tip, but I am standing by it.  The best way to clean your paint brushes effectively is to just throw them away.  No, I am not wasteful, this is just practical.  I cannot get them clean, and it drives me crazy and no, I do not want to learn how.  Remember, I don’t even like to paint.  New paint brushes are a small price to pay to have me do most of the painting around here.  P.S.  I think Sherwin probably doesn’t mind, that I buy new brushes.
  5. Find a Friend  I am blessed by a Sweet Friend with a love of painting.  No, I do not understand it and you can bet, I am not going to make fun of it, because she likes to help me paint!  I don’t like to paint, but I do like spending time with my friend.  I have even spent time painting her fence, because she needed help, and because every job is better when you do it with someone you like.
  6. Pat Yourself On The Back  Painting old barns is a lot like pulling weeds.  No one else will really notice that you’ve done the job.  People (other than you) will only really notice when it needs doing.  Sit back, enjoy your hard work and maybe…buy yourself something special like wine…or a cow.

8 responses to “6 Painting Tips”

  1. Diane says:

    You’ve got to love perfect timing, well I do anyway. I am literally in the middle of painting my guest room. I sat down at the computer to take a break and low and behold…painting tips! I need to make some straight edges so please let Stacy and me know how you use the caulk with the tape!

  2. Stacy W. McDaniel says:

    You are my hero! How do you use the caulk with the tape? I could use a more fool-proof way to get straight lines. I’m doing a lot of painting at habitat this summer, and HFH and I could use some more helpful tips!

    • Ellen Walton says:

      This process has made all the difference. The outcome is stellar, which is of course what we all want. Here is what you do. Let’s say you are painting a ceiling and your walls are already painted.

      1. Using painting tape install the tape on the wall with the edge of the tape where it meets the ceiling. Nice and straight.
      2. Run a bead of caulk over the edge of the tape where it meets the ceiling, then run your finger over it as you do when using caulk.
      3. Using your ceiling color, paint over the tape a little bit and over the ceiling a little bit.
      4. Carefully remove tape and throw it away!

      Good luck, if you need more help….you’ll have to ask My Loving Spouse!

  3. Miriam says:

    Did you paint that entire barn by yourself??? Have a couple of glasses of wine!

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thanks, Mims! I am about 1/3 done! Although I still have a lot to do, I am loving it and when I see what I’ve done it doesn’t scream at me…”Paint me!!!”

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